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On R.J.T Blueberry Park Inc, we have early to late season varieties blueberries planted on our beautiful farm. Therefore, the pollination season starts from April to June. Without bees help, the blueberry production will be reduced.



Thus we set up many bee hives on our farm for pollinating and harvesting honey. You will find thousands of bees working on our farm when you visit us during the blooming season.


.Honey is one of nature's sweet gifts. Honeybees gather nectar from a variety of flowers and place it into the hive's honeycomb cells. The bees then mix the nectar with enzymes in a special pouch in their bodies, beginning the transformation of nectar into honey. Then these hardy workers evaporate a lot of the nectar's water to thicken the liquid.



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4 Common Important Uses of Blueberry Honey

• Common colds and soar throat: essentially, blueberries do contain astringent tannins which are said to be very helpful in soothing soar throats. This is the reason why, Blueberry honeys are known to treat common colds and soar throat due its specific components. Moreover, its potent ability to threat soar throats will be very effective once ginger or lemon is combined.

• Wound healing: based on methodological research, honeys such as the Blueberry honey are said to reliable when it comes to wound healing management. Due to its antibacterial effects, this classification of honey works primarily in promoting rapid wound healing process as well as deodorizing and debridement of necrotic tissues. Essentially, there are lots of classifications of wounds that this type of honey can heal but most of these wounds are non-healing which usually includes chronic ulcers, burns and postoperative wounds.

• Skin Care Regimen: since Blueberry honey is known to be a good antibacterial agent, studies have also shown that it also best recommended as a facial regimen for those individuals who are suffering from facial scar and acne. Compared to other types of honey, Blueberries are said to have higher antibacterial activity. Furthermore, there are also higher concentration of antioxidants in honeys form blueberries thus making it effective against heart disease and cancer.

• Urinary Tract Infection: in the view of the fact that blueberry contains similar constituents to cranberries, researches have shown that Blueberry honey might also prevent the bacteria that causes Urinary tract infection. Although studies are not quite sure if this type of honey can really prevent bladder infections, still scientific experts have reported that some cases have resulted to the prevention of the bacteria from attaching into the lining of the urinary bladder.

Thus given with all these informative facts, it only shows that blueberry honey is not just a plain and simple type of honey but rather a sweet treat with an enormous medicinal and beautification benefits. In addition to these important data, this type of honey is not only being used as a spread on breads but rather it is considered to be on of the main ingredients in making mouth watering pastries such as blueberry honey muffins, pancakes and syrup which are all known to be an old time favorite of most individuals who love to satisfy themselves with sweet treats.