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R.J.T.’s orchard spans 40 acres and these fertile lands were previously used to raise many outstanding thoroughbred racing horses.

The sunlight, terrain and soil conditions of this location are exceptionally favorable for the cultivation of blueberries. The underground water supply is ample, fresh and clean. All of this combined contributes to R.J.T.’s blueberries being able to absorb optimal nutrition, which guarantees that they are healthy and high quality.

Early, mid and late maturing blueberries are planted in separate areas, July to September is the busiest period of the year, when the bush is thriving, an explosion of large blueberries bends the branches of the bushes, and demand for fresh berries is high.


The orchard’s atmosphere is vibrant and beautiful, with the light leaves of the bushes swaying in the breeze like waves on the sea.  



More information please e-mail us: contact@rjtblueberry.com