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 Honeyview Farm was founded in 1973. It is the largest apiary in BC, with hives located in the Fraser

Valley and Northem Alberta. Every year Honeyview Farm's bee workers put over 4,000 of their

hives in blueberry fields in the Lower Mainland. They also pollinate raspberries and cranberries. When

you eat BC blueberries, the chances are pretty good that they were pollinated by bees from

Honeyview Farm.

Starting from April 20, 2016, R.J.T. Blueberry Park Inc. took over the processing, packaging and

sales of Honeyview Farm's all honey products, aiming to introduce the local honey with highest quality

to the world.



PURE HONEY (Glass bottle)

        Bluebery Blossom               Creamed Bluebery             Raspberry Blossom

          Honey 160g                         Honey 160g                       Honey 160g

         Blackbery Blossom                    Clover Bluebery                  Creamed Clover

          Honey 160g                              Honey 160g                       Honey 160g

          Alfalfa Blossom                      Creamed Alfalfa                     Creamed Blueberry

          Honey 160g                            Honey 160g                              Honey 160g





PURE HONEY (plastic squeez bottle)


Alfalfa Blossom Honey 500g\ Clover Blossom Honey 500g\ Blueberry Blossom Honey\ Raspberry Blossom Honey 500g\ Blackberry Blossom Honey 500g


The Glass bottle size: 60g\ 160g\ 500g\ 1kg \ 3kg \ 5kg



Mixes Honey


Ginger & Honey160g       Lemon & Honey160g       Cranberry & Honey160g

  Lavender infused160g     Vanilla & Honey160g       Cinnamon & Honey160g

     Espresso & Honey160g




 Glass jar:60g\ 160g\ 500g\ 1kg. Plastic bottle:500g.  Plastic pail:3kg、 5kg.