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Color the pic for fun to win the chance to pick 45 pounds (20.4 kg) blueberries with friends for free

2016-06-21    Puhang

Hey guys,

Blueberry harvest in British Columbia is upon us. With a thankful heart, let us celebrate in a creative way, showing our love to the great nature.

How to color the pic?

(1)Firstly, you need to download the picture below! (Please right click on the picture below and save image as a file on your PC )


There are lots of way to color it, print it or use digital softwares directly. 


How to share my artwork?

 (2)After coloring the pic,please share your masterpiece by Instagram and add "# rjtblueberry "after the name of your post like the pic below. you can also check #rjtblueberry on instagram to make sure we can see your masterpiece!



How to enjoy the best U-pick blueberries for free?

We are located in Fraser Vally,BC,Canada.

R.J.T blueberry farm is not open to the public during the harvest this year, but we will only invite people whose masterpiece ranks within the top 3 most popular in the game( the number of likes at the end of 14 July 2016  ) to come to our beautiful farm to pick blueberries!

Each winner can pick 45 pounds (20.41 kg)blueberries for free.

Every additional pound beyond 45lb will be charged as $2 per pound. The guest can start to picking from the mid of July.

The size of each box on the pic is 5lb,if you won the game,you can get 9 of boxes for free!

For those who is not living in the vicinity of Vancouver, welcome to add color and share your incredible skills with us, simply a good way to unwind and relax!

BTW,except for fresh and frozen blueberries,our blueberry Jam, blueberry honey and dried blueberry are irresistibleNever hesitate to find the nearest T&T Supermarket or H-Mart to enjoy  R.J.T blueberry products.


If you have any questions about the rules, please feel free to contact by


Good Luck!


R.J.T Blueberry Inc. Canada.

June 22. 2016

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